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Top iPhone Apps for Snowboarders

With a multitude of useful (and not so useful) travel apps on the market for both the iPhone and Android devices, we decided to spend a day installing and reviewing apps in order to find some cool out thirty apps which are useful and interesting for ‘boarders. The results? Our picks of five essential snowboarding related apps for new and experienced snowboarders to play with while on the slopes this season.

iTrailmap 3D

iTrailmap 3D is a great app to guide you around the slopes of over 750 resorts. It is possible to plan routes using the phone’s version of a paper map, alternatively, determine your location and destination using the 3D maps connected with the phones GPS abilities. At the end of the ski day, the app can retrace your journey, and upload it to social networks with details on your distance travelled. The maps are downloadable, so your planning won’t be interrupted as you lose reception on your journey up the mountain. For information on specific resorts, there are 3D resort apps that can not only provide information on the piste maps, but also, the slope and lift status, as well as snow conditions for that resort. For blackberry and android users, a similar service is available on the Satski app.

OnTheSnow Gear Guide

Prior to arriving in resort, GearGuide helps in choosing the right gear for your holiday. It requires information such as your gender, skill level and sport and then produces a list of suitable equipment for you. It illustrates a variety of options, both mid range and top-end brands, which can be browsed, shortlisted and compared to ensure sufficient equipment without vast expense. Unbiased expert’s opinions are used to help in the search for best gear. New boarders can benefit from the glossary this app provides, with its explanations to winter sport terminology.

Snow and Ski Report

When booking last minute snowboard holidays, snow conditions will play a bit part in resort choice. This app supplied by REI can provide you with recent snow fall, and the depth of the snow on the mountains for many resorts, 12 can be tracked at a time for the most recent updates. When interested in a particular resort, you can get statuses for the lifts, a 5-day forecast and live webcam, as well as being updated if the resort should tweet anything relevant. For Blackberry and Android users, there is an equally good app provided by North Face.

SnowEdge (also for ipod Touch)

For snowboarders who know what they’re doing and want to keep track of their progress, snowEdge can produce incredibly detailed measurements of the speed at which you are travelling when boarding, how much air you get when jumping and how dynamic your turns are. The app uses it’s turn acceleration index (based on lateral acceleration) to record the quality of your turns. The app, when left running, stores all of these results to the phone to then be able to compare and track improvement. snowEdge can then compile your best runs, jumps and days from your trip.

GoPro App

Soon to be released is the iPhone application to be used alongside GoPro cameras. The phone can double up as a remote control so you can control your camera from your handset. WiFi allows you to stream your footage straight to the phone, and therefore, speed up the uploading process to social networking sites and emails. This can be done live by using your smartphone as a hotspot footage can be previewed and played back prior to sharing.

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